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QL2 provides business intelligence solutions for product, pricing and revenue managers with the highest quality andmost comprehensive view of the markets and competitors. This is possible thanks to its highly advanced real-time search technology and analytical tools developed by the most extensive team of experts in the industry.
QL2 at a glance:
• Industry leader in providing real-time price and availability data
• Provides service to more than 150 travel companies worldwide, including over 100 airlines and major OTAs
• Captures data from thousands of sources
• More than 200 support resources and engineers ensuring data quality and real-time delivery
• Provides robust reporting providing critical insight
• Easy implementation, no upfront costs, and highest quality of fare and availability information offered

QL2 为产品、定价和收益管理提供商业智能解决方案, 以及提供市场及竞争对手最全面的实况分析。
• 行业领导者提供实时的价格和可用性数据
• 为全球超过150 间旅游机构提供的服务,其中包括超过100家航空公司及主要网上旅游平台
• 从千个信息源上采集数据
• 超过200 位支援人员和技术工程师确保数据质量和实时传递
• 提供全面的报告以提供关键的探讨
• 执行便利,无需前期经济成本,以及提供最高质量的可用运价信息

As the world's leading provider of aviation technology, Sabre Airline Solutions® gives nearly 400 airlines and more than 100 airports the freedom to better market their schedules, sell their products, serve their customers and operate efficiently the way they want. With customers spanning six continents, Sabre Airline Solutions’ reservations system and operations software enables the progress of a key segment of the world’s largest industry — travel and tourism.

作为全球领先的航空商业解决方案和服务供应商,Sabre Airline Solutions为近400家航空公司和超过100家机场提供服务,帮助他们按照自己的策略更灵活的规划市场、销售产品、服务客户和高效运作。Sabre Airline Solutions 提供的订票和操作系统,客户横跨六大洲,已成为旅游观光业这一世界上最大产业进步的关键环节。

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Infare: pioneering airfare intelligence solutions for airlines that want to stay on top of competitors’ fares and pricing strategies.  
For the past 14 years Infare has monitored airline web fares providing its customers with the necessary information to understand the dynamics characterizing airlines’ pricing and steering behaviours. 
Infare’s analytics tools harvest and aggregate all airfares available online, while enabling comparative analysis of collected information at several levels; in so doing, Infare provides customers with immediately actionable information and meaningful insight, thus allowing them to act timely and confidently.
Infare delivers fare availability of the highest quality. Its customers can easily access accurate information on competitors’ fares through Infare’s cloud-based analytics tools or have airfare data automatically fed into their RM and pricing systems.
Among Infare’s customers there are more than 125 airlines and several airports and OTAs.

PROS Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PRO) is a big data software company that helps customers outperform in their markets by using big data to sell more effectively. We apply nearly 30 years of data science experience to unlock buying patterns and preferences within transaction data to reveal which opportunities are most likely to close, which offers are most likely to sell and which prices are most likely to win. PROS offers big data solutions to optimize sales, pricing, quoting, rebates and revenue management across more than 40 industries. PROS has completed over 700 implementations of its solutions in more than 55 countries. The PROS team comprises approximately 1,000 professionals around the world. To learn more, visit
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Periscope™, a McKinsey Solution, offers a suite of solutions that accelerates and sustains commercial transformation for businesses. The company leverages McKinsey IP and best-in-class technology, enabling clients to get transparency into big data, access actionable insights and embed new ways of working that drive lasting performance, improvement, and a sustainable 2-7% increase in return on sales (ROS). With a truly global reach, Periscope is a unique solution as a service comprising ongoing data management, software tools, analytical insights creation plus expert and capability-building support. The portfolio of solutions comprises price & margin optimization, category & merchandising optimization and insights foundation. These are complemented by custom capability building programs.

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Aviator Revenue Management System
Aviator is designed with one goal: to enable your staff to maximise revenue on each and every flight. Aviator is a sophisticated, fully-featured solution that links with your airline inventory control system to increase flight loads and passenger yields. Aviator is used by 30 airlines worldwide, including traditional, low-cost and regional carriers in China and throughout Asia.
Airlines using Aviator have been amazed by the revenue advantages it delivers. Airlines say Aviator is easy to use, and that it helps them to quickly become more productive and profitable.
World-leading Aviator features include:
• Proven in the Chinese market and in many Asian markets
• Easy to use and easy to maximise revenue
• Sophisticated forecasting and flight revenue optimisation functions
• Provides class-leading analysis and matching of competitor airline fares
• Includes powerful reporting about load factors, bookings, revenue and much more, for past and future flights
The Aviator team of expert support staff are based in the Asian time zone and work with your airline’s existing inventory control team to bring you the best revenue results.
For more information about revenue management and about Aviator, ask our experts at the conference for a brochure, visit our website at or email
Aviator is brought to you by Maxamation leaders in revenue management across multiple industries.

Aviator的设计目标只有一个: 使您的员工将每一班次飞行航班的收益最大化。 Aviator是一套精心设计、独具特色的系统解决方案, 它将与您的航线舱位控制系统联系起来,以增加航班载荷和客运收益。全世界已有30家航空公司使用Aviator收益管理系统,其中包括中国和整个亚洲的运营费用很低的传统地方航空公司。
使用Aviator的航空公司都对这套系统所带来的收入增长效益感到吃惊。这些航空公司众口一词赞誉 Aviator收益管理系统易于使用,并且能帮助他们迅速提高生产力和利润率。
• 其先进性已在中国市场和许多亚洲市场得到证实
• 容易使用,且能轻松最大化营运收益
• 具有精细化预报航线舱位和最大化航班收益的功能
• 具有一流的航空公司竞争对手票价的分析和匹配功能
• 包括对过去和将来航班的载客率、预售票数、收入等多方面的强大的报告功能
Aviator收益管理系统由Resource and Revenue Management(资源和收益管理公司)提供,它是横跨多个行业收益管理方面的领军公司。

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Revenue Management Systems (RMS) was founded in 1996 and began offering of its airRM revenue management system to two airlines in 2003.
Working with successful airlines around the world since then, RMS has continually enhanced airRM making it the most effective and best value revenue management system available today. Built on a forecasting and optimization foundation, airRM now contains four different methods to control flight inventory. The variety of inventory control tools allows airlines to prosper in any type of market and stand up to any competitor.
Innovation has been a hallmark of airRM and it has introduced the following new technologies to airline revenue management: competitive fares, web analytics, ancillary data and ancillary forecasting.
In addition to helping airRM make better recommendations, the data in its database can also be used by its powerful Report Builder which can quickly generate reports and schedule them for automatic generation and distribution.
Newly introduced and specially designed for small airlines, airRMexpress brings many of the powerful tools and capabilities found in airRM to this segment of the industry.
Find out why over 45 airlines such as AirAsia, Capital Airlines, Avianca Brasil, Hong Kong Express, flydubai, Jetstar and Ryanair rely on RMS software.

收益管理科技公司(RMS) 成立于1996年,在2003年开始提供airRM 收益管理系统给两家航空公司。
通过与世界上最成功的航空公司的合作,RMS不断改进airRM ,使其成为当今最高效和最有价值的收益管理系统。基于预测和最优化的基础,airRM 囊括了四种不同方法来管理航班舱位。多样的舱位管理工具使航空公司能够成功应对各种市场,并迎击竞争者。

Lufthansa Systems: Know-how, expertise and innovative IT solutions for the airline industry
Lufthansa Systems GmbH & Co. KG is one of the world’s leading providers of IT services in the airline industry. It draws its unique strengths from an ability to combine profound industry know-how with technological expertise and many years of project experience.
The company offers its more than 300 airline customers an extensive range of successful and in many cases market-leading products for the aviation industry. The innovative IT products and services in this portfolio offer customers a wide range of economic benefits while also contributing to improving efficiency and competitiveness. In addition, Lufthansa Systems also supports its customers both within and outside the Lufthansa Group with consulting services and the experience it has gained in projects for airlines of every size and business model.
Solutions for all airline business processes
Lufthansa Systems offers airlines a unique range of products covering all of an airline's busi-ness processes. Furthermore, its portfolio is focused on meeting the respective demands of different airline business models.
Revenue Management & Pricing
Lufthansa Systems is engaged in the field of revenue management and pricing since 1987. Today, airlines in Europe, Asia, North Africa, North and South America, ranging from small regionals to low fare airlines and large network carriers are all benefiting from our revenue management and pricing solutions.
Lufthansa Systems’ ProfitLine is the integrated solution for revenue management and pricing.