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Digital transformation is a process of reengineering the internal and external processes of an enterprise driven by information technology. The digital transformation of airlines involves management, operation, finance, marketing, service and other aspects, which is a huge and complex system engineering. Only by elevating the digital transformation to the strategic level, carrying out overall design and layout, then the airlines can truly improve their business and management capabilities. At the present, the airline has fully understand the importance of digital transformation, in the face of consumers such as booking, transportation and consumption, they carry out a large amount of information application, but on the production side, information application such as staff scheduling, transit cohesion, and the airport ground coordination is still in its infancy, and it seriously affects the demand for the future development of airlines. Under the guidance of one city and three provinces in the Yangtze river delta, China Airline Digital Transformation Conference 2020 will be held as the theme of “Efficiency and Benefits”. We are inviting the company executives, government officials, industry experts and other industry professionals from airlines, they will discuss the connotation of digital transformation, the entry point of digital transformation and the key and difficult points of digital transformation. Guide the future China airline digital transformation, promote the comprehensive quality of airlines, and contribute to the healthy development of Chinese civil aviation.

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