The last figures so far indicate that during the past 10 years the average growth rate of our civil aviation fleets reaches at 10.95%. Last year, Chinese civil airlines have altogether introduced 362 aircrafts and the total number of aircrafts is now approaching 3000. While at the end of 2017, the number of Chinese general aviation aircrafts also arrived at 2127. Hub airlines, low-cost airlines, regional airlines, general aviation airlines have all entered a comprehensively prosperous and booming period.

The fast growth of Chinese airlines' fleets has driven the booming development of aviation maintenance industry whose comprehensively prosperous multiple business patterns also make the demands of aviation maintenance increasingly diversified and personalized. As a result, the competition between MRO service providers and OEMs become increasingly fierce and China aviation aftermarket will meet both opportunities and challenges in the future---How can independent MROs improve their market competitiveness? Will OEMs monopolize the market? How do airlines choose their partners…many questions are in great need to be solved. Under such circumstances, the 3rd China Aviation & MRO Aftermarket Conference will be held on November 8th-9th, in Shanghai. Focuses on China aviation aftermarket and maintenance aftermarket, this conference will offer a most valuable industry trends and business development opportunities to related companies, organizing them to discuss current hotspots and satisfying their multiple demands.

  数据显示,过去十年我国民航机队平均增长速度达到 10.95%。2017年1月至12月,国内各民航航空公司共计引进飞机362家,飞机总数逼近3000架;而至2017年年末,通用航空飞机数也达2127架。枢纽航空、廉价航空、支线航空、通用航空已进入全面繁荣、蓬勃发展的时期。


Topics including:

  • Macro View on MRO Aftermarket Development & Trend
  • Sifting of MRO Aftermarket Service Providers
  • Future Development Prospect and Management of Aircraft Parts Maintenance
  • How do Airlines Reasonably Control Maintenance Cost in An OEM Oriented Market
  • Aviation Maintenance New Technology
  • Aircraft & Engine Leasing Management
  • Internet + Spare Parts Pool
  • Application of Big Data in Aviation Maintenance and Air- Material Supply
  • Value Added Service on Aircraft Parts Supply Chain Management
  • Air-Material Inventory Management
  • Air-Material Supply Chain Management Information System
  • Aircraft Parts Tracking


  • 宏观维修售后市场的发展和趋势
  • 维修售后服务供应商的筛选
  • 零部件维修的未来发展前景及管理
  • OEM主导的市场中航企该如何合理管控维修成本
  • 航空维修新技术成果分享
  • 飞机及发动机租赁管理
  • 互联网+航材共享平台
  • 大数据在维修和航材供应方面的有效运用
  • 飞机部件供应链管理增值服务
  • 航材库存管理
  • 航材供应链管理信息系统
  • 飞机部件追踪

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